What does 4/4, 6/4 and 8/4 mean?

These are terms used in the lumber industry referring to the thickness of lumber.4/4 means 1”, 6/4 means 1.5” and 8/4 means 2”.

What sizes does your material come in?

Dimensional lumber is carried in 4/4 (1”) and 8/4 (2”).  Average sizes range between 6”-9” wide x 6’-9’ long.  Live edge slabs are offered in 8/4 (2”) with sizes ranging between 12”-20” wide x 6’-11’ long.  Our specialty live edge slabs are offered in 16/4 (4" ) with sizes ranging from 20"-48" wide x 5'-11' long.

What species do you carry?

We focus our salvaging efforts on all domestic hardwoods grown locally.  Commonly salvaged species include:  Maple, Ash, Elm, Oak, Poplar, Willow, Basswood and Beech as well as other specialty species such as Locusts, Chestnuts, Walnut and Cherry.

Are your products kiln dried?

We kiln dry our slabs and lumber to 6-8% moisture content.  Our Reclaimed barnboard is air dried to 10-12% moisture content on average.

What does rough sawn mean?

Rough sawn refers to unfinished lumber.  It has not been further processed such as planning and edging.

What does book matched mean?

Book matching is using material that has been cut consecutively off the log to create a mirror image once put side by side.

What is a live edge?

Live edge refers to the natural edge of the lumber/ slab under the bark.  Our slabs are available with a full live edge or partial live edge, a combination of straight and natural edges.

Do you sell lumber and furniture?

Yes, we offer both rough sawn lumber and furniture.

Do you have a showroom that I can see your products?

Yes, we do.  We carry rough sawn lumber, slabs, furniture and accessories.  Our address can be found in the “Contact Us” section on our website. 

Do you make custom furniture?

Yes, we create mostly custom pieces to suit your specifications.  If you’re looking for a custom product, please provide us with as much information as possible so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.  Information suggested:  type of product, design, size, colour preference, any reference images as well as your colour scheme (walls, floors, other furniture).

How long should I expect before I hear back on an inquiry?

We appreciate all your questions and comments.  We apologize if we cannot get back in touch immediately.  Please expect to hear back from our staff within a few days.

I saw a furniture piece on your website and would like to buy it.  How do I proceed?

As most of the pieces we build are custom to order, the images shown in the custom section are no longer available.  If there is a type of wood or design that you would like made, we can select material and produce another piece.  Keep in mind, each product we create is one of a kind and can never be exactly reproduced.  We also carry a selection of finished pieces at our showroom for sale which can be seen in the SHOP section of our website.

Do you carry flooring?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer flooring but you are welcome to purchase our rough sawn lumber and have it processed into flooring.

What’s the difference between salvaged and reclaimed?

Salvaged refers to recycling “new” logs.  This is new material that has been taken down and processed into a higher valued product.  Reclaimed is utilizing material that had been used for another purpose such as an existing structure like a barn or factory. 

Do you carry reclaimed wood?

Yes, we carry reclaimed weathered barnboard as well as reclaimed old growth Pine and Hemlock from historic Toronto wharfs dating back to the early 1800’s.  They were buried and discovered in 2006-2007 while excavating for condo developments in downtown Toronto. 

Where does your wood come from?

All of our salvaged material is from the Greater Toronto Area.  Our reclaimed Barnboards are from dismantled Ontario barns.

Do you buy logs?

No, we don’t purchase material.

Do you cut down trees?

No we don’t.  As we are not arborists, we do not cut trees down.  We only salvage felled logs.

Do you salvage my tree?

UTS focuses their salvaging efforts on municipal forestry waste.  If you have logs that you would like salvaged and turned into products, please contact our office. 



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