Solid Wood Cubes

URBAN TREE SALVAGE® solid wood cubes are versatile pieces used for Reclaimed wood coffee tables, Reclaimed wood block side tables as well as Reclaimed wood occasional seating. They are available in a variety of finishes such as washes, stains and hand rubbed oils to accentuate the colors and grains of the wood. Our solid wood cubes come with lower feet which elevate the piece slightly for proper air circulation while creating a nice shadow line.

We offer a variety of locally salvaged hardwood options including Maple, Elm, Ash, Basswood, Poplar and Willow.







URBAN TREE SALVAGE® also carries finished solid wood Reclaimed old growth pine and hemlock timber cubes from the historic Queen's Wharf circa the 1830's and the Toronto Ferry Terminal Wharf circa 1912. Both wharfs were discovered in downtown Toronto while excavating for condo developments down at Bathurst Street/ Lakeshore Drive and Bay Street/ Harbour Street in 2006-2007. We estimate that the trees stared growing back as early as the 1600-1700's!

As the material is very old, it's quite dense with very tight annual growth rings. Due to being buried underground for so many years, the timbers have absorbed the minerals in the earth creating a unique color palette.









Please visit HISTORIC HEMLOCK CUBES for more information on this product.


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