Old Growth Pine and Hemlock

Our reclaimed old growth Pine & Hemlock comes from the historic Queen's Wharf and the Toronto Ferry Terminal Wharf.

The Queen's Wharf was built in the 1830's in downtown Toronto and was the old shipping port of the town of York.  It was buried in fill later that century to extend Toronto's border into Lake Ontario and discovered while excavating for a condo development at Bathurst St. and Lakeshore Blvd. in March of 2006.  The Toronto Ferry Terminal Wharf was created in 1912 and discovered in January 2007 while excavating for a condo development at Bay St. and Harbour St. 

Based on annual growth ring counts, we estimate that the trees started growing in the 1500-1600's!  As the material is very old, it's quite dense with very tight annual growth rings.  Due to being buried underground for so many years, the timbers have absorbed the minerals in the earth creating a unique color palette.  The old growth Hemlock has an overall grey color with some tans and a greenish undertone (left) and the old growth Pine has a golden honey tone with browns and tans.


Old Growth Pine and Hemlock


Sizes range from 1-2” x 6-9" x 6-9'

$4/ board foot for 1" thick (4/4)

$6/ board foot for 2" thick (8/4)

Please contact our office for product availability.

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