Reclaimed Barnboard

 The barn board used in the construction of early Canadian barns were mostly from local old growth trees.  The siding of these barns "barn board" or also known as "grey board" and "brown board" were milled mostly from pine and hemlock, as were the rafters and most of the structural members.

Reclaimed Grey Barnboard comes from the exterior side of the barn siding.  Colors and textures will vary based on the location of the boards.  Lighter greys derive from the sunny side of the barn, whereas the shadier sections of the barn tend to have darker grey tones.  Reclaimed Brown Barnboard is simply the backs of the reclaimed grey board or interior side of the barn.  Differences in the shades of greys and browns will vary from barn to barn based on age and use.

Barn boards can be used for many applications such as feature walls, ceilings, cladding, doors, table tops, accent pieces, shelving and much more. You can find more detailed information about reclaimed Grey barn board, reclaimed Brown barn board and reclaimed Barn Rafters by clicking on the respective links below.


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