Brown Barn Board

The Brown board can be referred to as the interior or back side of the grey board which has not been exposed to the external elements. Brown boards tend to have less texture than Grey board as they were not exposed to the sun, wind and rain. They vary in shades of brown, yellow and cream and have characteristics such as saw marks, knots, cracks and nail holes.

Barn board is becoming more and more popular for many different applications.  It is mainly used as feature walls and ceiling paneling, cladding, architectural features as well as rustic furniture & doors. Brownboard can be used as-is or mixed with Greyboard or Red board.


brown bard board examples

 Brown board comes in various sizes but generally ranges from 1/2"-1” thick x 6-12”wide x 5-13’ long. Prices range from $5.90-$6.90/square foot depending on the width.

Many DIY lovers are discovering how great this material is and how easy it can be to work with. To maintain the rustic charm, all that is needed is a very light sand to break splinters and sharp edges or the boards can be planed down to reveal the original wood.

As with working with all reclaimed wood, barn board should be checked for nails before any machining takes place. A small hand held metal detector can identify hard to see metal. Most of the metal in barn boards is very visible, but one should always be careful when handling and machining.

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