Threshing Boards

In the 18th and early 19th century, pine and hemlock were very plentiful and was easy to log and process into barn board.  Most Ontario barns tend to be built with these species as they came from locally felled trees.  They have a distressed look with color variations ranging from yellow/ brown/ grey.  Threshing boards got their name due to the process of threshing which is when farmers would beat the wheat against these boards to separate the grains from the stalks.  They were also used as flooring in areas requiring added strength while storing heavy machinery and trailers.

Threshing is great for making reclaimed furniture and shelves.

Sizes range from 1.5-2” x 8-16" x 6-12' and are priced at $6.60/ board foot



As with working with all reclaimed wood, barn board should be checked for nails before any machining takes place. A small hand held metal detector can identify hard to see metal. Most of the metal in barn boards is very visible, but one should always be careful when handling and machining.





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